Odds Against Tomorrow / Harry Belafonte/John Lewis (G)

產品編號: SZ88365
特價: HK$80.00 $175.00 (清貨)

G 凹溝首版

Harry Belafonte 主演 John Lewis 凹溝首版演譯 Odds Against Tomorrow 電影名曲


演奏家: Harry Belafonte/John Lewis
品牌: UA
原廠編號: UAS-5061 (UAS5061)
唱片質素: NM- *Side 1 track 6/Side 2 track 5 有花
唱片封套: NM--
曲目 第一面:曲目 第二面:

1  Prelude To Odds Against Tomorrow   
2  A Cold Wind Is Blowing             
3  Five Figure People Crossing Paths       
4  How To Frame Pigeons            
5  Morning Trip To Melton           
6  Looking At The Caper                
7  Jonny Ingram's Possessions   
8  The Carousel Incident               
9  Skating In Central Park             
10 No Happiness For Slater

1  Main Theme: Odds Against Tomorrow              
2  Games            
3  Social Call       
4  The Impractical Man  
5  Advance On Melton  
6  Waiting Around The River       
7  Distractions   
8  The Caper Failure       
9  Pastlude         


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