Prime Time / Tony Orlando & Dawn (ST)

產品編號: PZ86222
特價: HK$70

ST Sterling Master

Tony Orlando & Dawn 上榜大碟名曲Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman, ST 靚版

Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman
Gimmie A Good Old Mammy Song


演奏家: Tony Orlando & Dawn
品牌: Bell
原廠編號: Bell-1317 (Bell1317)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM+

A1 Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman
A2 Little Heads In Bunkbeds
A3 She Can't Hold A Candle To You
A4 Gimmie A Good Old Mammy Song
A5 Raindrops

B1 Dreamboat
B2 Another Rainy Day In My Life
B3 My Love Has No Pride
B4 Fancy Meeting You Here Baby
B5 Here Comes The Spring


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