Strike up the Band / Tony Bennett & Count Basie (AM)

產品編號: SZ80197
特價: HK$210.00

AM Audio Matrix master

Tony Bennett/Count Basie 演譯 Anything Goes -等爵士名曲, AM 靚版

Anything Goes
Jeepers Creepers


演奏家: Tony Bennett & Basie
品牌: Roulette
原廠編號: SR25231 (SR-25231)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-

1.  Strike Up The Band
2.  I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans
3.  Chicago
4.  With Plenty Of Money And You
5.  Anything Goes
6.  Life Is A Song

1.  I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
2.  Jeepers Creepers
3.  Growing Pains
4.  Poor Little Rich Girl
5.  Are You Having Any Fun


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