The Swing Era / Benny Goodman into the 70s (G/3LP)

產品編號: JZ80215
特價: HK$210.00

G 凹溝 / 三唱片合裝

Benny Goodman 凹溝靚版三唱片爵士樂精選包括 The Girl From Ipanema 等名曲

Call Me Irresponsible
The Sound Of Music
Cheek To Cheek
The Girl From Ipanema


演奏家: Benny Goodman
品牌: Timelife
原廠編號: STL354
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM+
曲目LP 1 : 曲目LP 2 :

Side 1:
1 Let's Dance     
2 Charade           
3 Stompin' At The Show               
4 King Porter Stomp       
5 A Smo-o-o-th One      
Side 2:
1 Bugle Call Rag                
2 Call Me Irresponsible
3 Runnin' Wild  
4 Macedonia Lullaby      
5 Brussels Blues               

Side 1:
1 On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)               
2 The Shadow Of Your Smile      
3 King And Me  
4 The Sound Of Music   
5 I'm A Ding Dong Daddy              
Side 2:
1 One O'clock Jump        
2 I Talk To The Trees      
3 Cheek To Cheek           
4 Stealin' Apples              
5 Undecided     

曲目LP 3 :

Side 1:
1 This Guy's In Love With You    
2 Do-Re-Mi        
3 Fascinating Rhythm    
4 Seven Come Eleven   
Side 2:
1 Hello Dolly!     
2 Like Someone In Love               
3 The Girl From Ipanema             
4 Meadowland
5 Goodbye


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