Musical Adventures For Young People / Rene Leibowitz/Massimo Freccia… (G/4LP)

產品編號: CZ83914
特價: HK$420.00

G 凹溝首版 / 1s5s3s1s5s2s1s1s / 四唱片合裝

Rene Leibowitz/Massimo Freccia/Charles Gerhardt 等凹溝首版包括 William Tell 等古典精選四唱片


作曲家: Rossini/Greg/Sousa/Copland…
演奏家: Rene Leibowitz/Massimo Freccia/Charles Gerhardt…
品牌: Reader's Digest
原廠編號: RDA-32A (RDA32A)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-
曲目LP 1 :曲目LP 2 :

James Walker/Metropolitan SO
1  William Tell Overture, Finale  
2  "Fossils" From Carnival Of The Animals             
3  "Elephants" From Carnival Of The Animals      
4  "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" From Peer Gynt Suite
5  "In A Clock Store"
6  "Hunt In The Black Forest"

Charles Gerhardt/Royal PO
1  The Little Train Of The Brazilian Countryman  
2  "Hoe-Down" From Rodeo       
Billy The Kid Selections
3  Fistfight - Posse - Gun Battle
4  Mexican Dance            
5  Fistfight - Posse - Gun Battle
6  Billy Captured - Celebration Dance      
7  The Open Prairie         

James Walker/Metropolitan SO
1  The Stars And Stripes Forever               
2  "March Of The Toys" And "Toyland" From Babes In Toyland   
3  March Of The Dwarfs                
4  "Grand March" From Aida      
5  Pomp And Circumstance         
6  "War March Of The Priests" From Athalie

James Walker/Royal PO
"H.M.S. Pinafore" Selections     
1  Overture - "We Sail The Ocean Blue"
2  "I'm Called Little Buttercup"   
3  "But Tell Me Who's The Youth"            
4  "The Nightingale"       
5  "A Maiden Fair To See"            
6  "I Am The Captain Of The Pinafore"   
7  "Over The Bright Blue Sea"     
8  "Sir Joseph's Barge Is Seen"   
9  "I Am The Monarch Of The Sea"          
10  "When I Was A Lad"                
11  "Things Are Seldom What They Seem"
12  "Oh Joy, Oh Rapture Unforseen"


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