Singin' The Blues / Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong/Billie Holiday… (2LP)

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Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong/Billie Holiday 等藍調名曲精選雙唱片

Count Basie & His Orchestra - Boogie Woobie
Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Hums The Blues
Louis Armstrong With The All Stars - Back O'Town Blues
Billie Holiday - Baby Get Lost
Sonny Parker - Jealous Blues


演奏家: Count Basie/Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong/Billie Holiday…
品牌: MCA
原廠編號: MCA24064 (MCA2-4064)
唱片質素: Sealed
唱片封套: Sealed
曲目LP 1 : 曲目LP 2 :

1 Count Basie & His Orchestra - Boogie Woobie
2 Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Hums The Blues
3 Eddie Condon & His Orchestra - Aunt Hagar's Blues
4 Jack Teagarden & His Orchestra - I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
5 Ruby Smith - Fruit Cakin' Mama
6 Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra - Since I Fell For You

1 Louis Armstrong With The All Stars - Back O'Town Blues
2 Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra - Evil Gal Blues
3 Joan Shaw - Evil Gal's Daughter Blues
4 Lionel Hampton & His Septet - Blow Top Blues
5 Joe Turner - Rainy Day Blues
6 Lee Wiley - Careless Love
7 Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra - Hurry Hurry


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