The Rogers & Hammerstein Deluxe Set (發燒音響/RB/3LP)

產品編號: JC80302
特價: HK$195.00 $315.00 (清貨)

發燒音響 / RB 彩虹首版 / 三唱片精裝

發燒音響推薦 Rogers & Hammerstein 彩虹首版 Oklahoma, Carousel, The King And I 精裝三唱片


作曲家: Rodgers & Hammerstein
演奏家: Rodgers & Hammerstein
品牌: Capitol
原廠編號: STCL-1790 (STCL1790)
唱片質素: NM- *LP 3 Side 2 track 1 有 1/4cm 花
唱片封套: NM-
曲目LP1: 曲目LP2:

1  Overture
2  Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'
3  The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
4  Kansas City
5  I Cain't Say No
6  Many A New Day

1  People Will Say We're In Love
2  Poor Jud Is Dead
3  Out Of My Dreams
4  The Farmer And The Cowman
5  All Er Nothin'
6  Oklahoma

1  The Carousel Waltz
2  You're A Queer One, Julie Jordan!
3  Mister Snow
4  If I Loved You
5  When The Children Are Asleep
6  June Is Bustin' Out All Over

1  Soliloquy
2  Blow High, Blow Low
3  A Real Nice Clambake
4  Stonecutters Cut It On Stone
5  What's The Use Of Wondrin'
6  You'll Never Walk Alone
7  If I Loved You (Reprise)
8  You'll Never Walk Alone (Finale)


The King And I
1  Overture
2  I Whistle A Happy Tune
3  My Lord And Master
4  Hello, Young Lovers
5  The March Of The Siamese Children
6  A Puzzlement

1  Getting To Know You
2  We Kiss In A Shadow / I Have Dreamed
3  Shall I Tell You What I Think Of You
4  Something Wonderful
5  Song Of The King
6  Shall We Dance?
7  Something Wonderful (Finale)


Carousel / Robert Goulet
Goulet 演譯 Rodgers & Hammerstein 著名的 Carousel ... (詳盡資訊)

JC80325 ǀ HK$40.00

Carousel / Shirley Jones/Alfred Newman
Shirley Jones/Alfred Newman 演譯 Rodgers & Hammerstein 的 Carousel... (詳盡資訊)

NC80034 ǀ HK$255.00

Carousel / Alfred Newman (RB)
Alfred Newman 指揮彩虹首版演譯 Rodgers & Hammerstein's 的 Carousel ... (詳盡資訊)

RB 彩虹首版
JC80078 ǀ HK$80.00

Carousel / Alfred Newman (RB)
Alfred Newman 指揮彩虹首版演譯 Rodgers & Hammerstein's 的 Carousel... (詳盡資訊)

RB 彩虹首版
JC80392 ǀ HK$90.00

Masters at work Digital Samples / Yo Yo Ma/Glenn Gould… (DR)
包括 Yo Yo Ma, Glenn Gould 等數位發燒古典精選示範錄音... (詳盡資訊)

DR 數位錄音
NC80064 ǀ HK$340.00

American Musicals/ Rogers & Hammerstein (3LP)
Rodgers & Hammerstein 的 South Pacific 等三套精選音樂劇三唱片 ... (詳盡資訊)

JT80043 ǀ HK$130.00

The George Mitchell Minstrels Sing Rodgers & Hammerstein & Rodgers & Hart
George Mitchell Minstrels 演唱 Rodgers & Hammerstein/Rodgers & Hart 名曲... (詳盡資訊)

SZ84289 ǀ HK140.00

Hooked On Classics III / Louis Clark
Hook on Classics 再接再厲,串燒古典樂曲第三集... (詳盡資訊)

JZ81382 ǀ HK$60.00