Top Hat / Menuhin/Grappelli

產品編號: NZ83436
特價: HK$340.00

Menuhin/Grappelli 等數位發燒小提琴演譯 Puttin' On The Ritz 等爵士名曲

Puttin' On The Ritz
Change Partners


演奏家: Menuhin/ Grappelli/ Nelson Riddle
品牌: EMI/Angel
原廠編號: DS37860 (DS-37860)
唱片質素: Sealed
唱片封套: Sealed

1.  Puttin' On The Ritz
2.  The Way You Look Tonight
3.  He Loves And She Loves
4.  Isn't This A Lovely Day
5.  The Piccolino
6.  Allison
7.  Change Partners

1.  Top Hat, White Tie And Tails
2.  They Can't Take That Away From Me
3.  The Continental
4.  They All Laughed
5.  Amanda
6.  Funny Face

7.  The Carloca


Berlioz Harold in Italy / Menuhin (BA)
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BA 藍天使初版
CA80156 ǀ HK$115.00

Bach The Musical Offering / Menuhin (BA)
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Bartok Violin Concerto / Menuhin/Dorati
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CZ80232 ǀ HK$100.00

Instruments of The Orchestra / Yehudi Menuhin (RB/G/9OC/2LP)
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RB 彩虹首版 / G 凹溝 / 雙唱片
CZ82606 ǀ HK$350.00

Elgar Violin Concerto / Menuhin (BA)
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BA 藍天使首版
SZ84221 ǀ HK175.00

Bach Harpsichord Concertos Vol.2 / Menuhin/Malcolm
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CZ82861 ǀ HK$65.00

Mendelssohn Violin Concertos in E&D minor / Menuhin
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CZ81114 ǀ HK$125.00

Mozart Violin Concertos Adelaide/No.7 / Menuhin
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SZ83369 ǀ HK$210.00