Serenade For Lovers / Chet Atkins/Harry Belafonte/Henry Mancini… (9LP)

產品編號: JZ82458
特價: HK$420.00


讀者文摘包持 Chet Atkins/Harry Belafonte/Henry Mancini 情歌九唱片合集

Wiederseh'n –Pete King And His Orch
Vanessa –Chet Atkins
Fascination –The Melachrino Strings
Some Enchanted Evening –The Three Suns
What Now My Love? –Chet Atkins
Misty –Henry Mancini And His Orch
Brazil –Morton Gould And His Orch
Try To Remember –Harry Belafonte
Blue Moon –The Pete King Chorale And Orch


演奏家: Chet Atkins/Harry Belafonte/Henry Mancini/Morton Gould/Perry Como…
品牌: Reader's Digest (RCA/Decca)
原廠編號: RDA-61 (RDA61)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-
曲目LP 1 :曲目LP 2 :

The Very Thought Of You

Wiederseh'n –Pete King And His Orch
2  My Cup Runneth Over –Perry Como With The Ray Charles Singers
3  Cheerful Little Earful –Hugo Winterhalter And His Orch
4  The Very Thought Of You –Frank de Vol, His Orch
5  A Certain Girl –Joe Reisman And His Orch
6  The Champagne Waltz –The Melachrino Strings And Orch

While We're Young

1  While We're Young –The Voices Of Walter Schumann
2  Games That Lovers Play –Eddie Fisher
3  Moonlight And Roses –The Ames Brothers With Ray Martin, His Orch
4  Skokiaan –Norman Percival And His Orch
5  I've Got You Under My Skin –Perry Como, Mitchell Ayres And His Orch
6  Get Out And Get Under The Moon –The Norman Luboff Choir

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

1  Dear World –Paul Weston And His Orch
2  Begin The Beguine –Perry Como, Mitchell Ayres And His Orch
Vanessa –Chet Atkins
4  My Special Angel –The Pete King Chorale And Orch
5  The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) –Norman Percival And His Orch
5  I Left My Heart In San Francisco –John Gary

Falling In Love With Love

1  There Goes My Heart –The Three Suns
2  Falling In Love With Love –Voices Of Walter Schumann
3  This Guy's In Love With You –Floyd Cramer
4  Don't Blame Me –Ed Ames
5  The Tender Trap –Frank De Vol And His Orch
Fascination –The Melachrino Strings


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