Gems Forever / Mantovani (NB)

產品編號: JZ80284
特價: HK$80.00

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Mantovani 曼托瓦尼 NB 靚版演譯包括 Summertime 等

I Could Have Danced All Night
Love Letters


演奏家: Mantovani & Orch
品牌: Decca/London
原廠編號: PS106 (PS-106)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-

1.  All The Things You Are
2.  True Love
3.  I Could Have Danced All Night
4.  You Keep Coming Back Like A Song
5.  A Woman In Love
6.  This Nearly Was Mine

1.  Summertime
2.  Something To Remember You By
3.  Love Letters
4.  The Nearness Of You
5.  An Affair To Remember
6.  Hey There


Strauss Waltzes / Mantovani (WB/BB/G)
Mantovani 曼托瓦尼大倫敦首版演譯史特勞斯的 Blue Danube 等圓舞曲... (詳盡資訊)

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Tango / Mantovani (NB)
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JD80067 ǀ HK$110.00

Mr. Music / Mancini (NB/G)
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NB Narrow Banner / G 凹溝
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Christmas Music / Mantovani (2LP)
Mantovani 曼托瓦尼演譯包括 Mary's Boy Child 等節日名曲雙唱片... (詳盡資訊)

JZ82678 ǀ HK$175.00

Tango / Mantovani (NB/BS/G)
Mantovani 曼托瓦尼 NB 靚版演譯 Blue Tango 等探戈名曲, BS 凹溝靚版... (詳盡資訊)

NB Narrow Banner / BS Bell Sound master / G 凹溝
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Christmas Carols / Mantovani & His Orch. (WB/BB)
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WB Wide Banner / BB 藍黑底
SZ84236 ǀ HK350.00

Musical Tour Around the World...and Beyond (P4/2LP)
Phase 4 環球靚歌合集雙唱片 ... (詳盡資訊)

P4 Phase 4 / 雙唱片
JL80007 ǀ HK$165.00

Charmaine / Mantovani (VV/2LP)
Mantovani 演奏 Charmaine, Lara s Theme 等名曲雙唱片, 處女膠靚版... (詳盡資訊)

雙唱片 / VV 處女膠
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