September in my years / Frank Sinatra (R2D4)

產品編號: JR80347
特價: HK$115.00

R2D4 Stereophile

Sinatara 仙納杜拉 R2D4 上榜大碟 September in my years


演奏家: Frank Sinatra
品牌: Reprise
原廠編號: FS1014 (LP/黑膠唱片)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-

The September Of My Years
2  How Old Am I?
3  Don't Wait Too Long
4  It Gets Lonely Early
This Is All I Ask
6  Last Night When We Were Young
7  The Man In The Looking Glass

1  It Was A Very Good Year
2  When The Wind Was Green
3  Hello, Young Lovers
4  I See It Now
5  Once Upon A Time
September Song


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