Ray Anthony plays Worried Mind (RB/G)

產品編號: JC80321
特價: HK$65.00

RB 彩虹首版 / G 凹溝

Ray Anthony 彩虹凹溝首版演譯 Release Me 等流行及鄉謠名曲


演奏家: Ray Anthony
品牌: Capitol
原廠編號: ST1752
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-

Worried Mind
Weary Blues From Waitin'
I Can't Stop Loving You
Yoour Cheatin' Heart
Born To Lose
Too Late To Worry - Too Blue To Cry

You Nearly Lose Your Mind
Careless Love
Half As Much
It Makes No Difference
Release Me
Walking The Floor Over You


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