Triple Feature / Kunzel

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    89006 (Telarc)
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    因為 CD 合子很易購買,無論 CD 合子有多破舊我們鄱不會作出評價。請見諒
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  • 凸字 DADC ED1 美國首版 DIDX2188/1195/2721
  • TAS The Absolute Sound
  • 唱片簡介 :
    Telarc ED1 凸字首版罕有三CD 套裝包括 Round Up/Time Warp/Hollywood Greatest Hits

CD 曲目:

Time Warp
1-1 Ascent
1-2 Introduction to Also Sprach Zarathustra
1-3 Star Trek: Main Theme
1-4 Star Trek: "The Managerie": Suite
1-5 From Battlestar Galactica: Main Theme
1-6 Love Theme From Superman
1-7 Star Wars: Throne Room & End Title
1-8 Alien: Closing Title
1-9 On The Beautiful Blue Danube
1-10 Gayne Ballet: Adagio
1-11 Intro duction to "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (Reprise
2-1 Sounds Of The West
2-2 William Tell Overture
2-3 The Magnificent Seven
2-4 The Furies Suite
2-5 Round-Up
2-6 How The West Was Won
2-7 Gunfight At The OK Corral
2-8 Pops Hoedown
2-9 Big Country
2-10 High Noon
2-11 Coyote And Crackling Campfire
2-12 Western Medley
2-13 Silverado
Hollywood's Greatest Hits, Volume 1
3-1 20th Century Fox Fanfare
3-2 Captain Blood
3-3 Tara's Theme From Gone With The Wind
3-4 Parade Of The Chanoteers From Ben Hur
3-5 Exodus
3-6 Lara's Theme From Doctor Zhivago
3-7 Lawrence Of Arabia
3-8 Romeo & Juliet
3-9 Goldfinger
3-10 Love Story
3-11 A Summer Place
3-12 Jaws
3-13 The Summer Of '42
3-14 Rocky
3-15 Terms Of Endearment
3-16 Out Of Africa
3-17 Chariots Of Fire


Naturally / Mel Lewis
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Tchaikovsky Romeo & Juliet/Nutcracker Suite / Maazel
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