Misty Blue / Ella Fitzgerald (RB)

產品編號: SZ80343
特價: HK$195.00

RB 彩虹首版

Ella Fitzgerald 彩虹首版爵士味道演唱 Misty Blue 等熱門鄉謠樂曲

Misty Blue
Evil On Your Mind
Don't Touch Me


演奏家: Ella Fitzgerald
品牌: Capitol
原廠編號: ST2888 (ST-2888)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-
曲目第一面: 曲目第二面:

1. Misty Blue
2. Walking In The Sunshine
3. It's Only Love       
4. Evil On Your Mind
5.  I Taught him everything he knows
6.  Don’t let that doorknob hit you

1.  Turn the world around (The other way)
2. The Chokin' Kind
3. Born To Lose
4. This Gun Don't Care
5. Don't Touch Me


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