Big Hits By The King Of Country On 2 Lps / Johnny Cash ‎(2LP)

產品編號: PZ84908
特價: HK$195.00


Johnny Cash 精選包括 Folsom Prison Blues 等上榜名曲雙唱片

Folsom Prison Blues
You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven
There You Go
Home Of The Blues
Give My Love To Rose


演奏家: Johnny Cash
品牌: Pickwick
原廠編號: PTP-2052 (PTP2052)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-
曲目 LP 1 :曲目 LP 2 :

1  Folsom Prison Blues  
2  The Ways Of A Woman In Love            
3  Don't Make Me Go    
4  Mean Eyed Cat            
5  Sugartime      
1  You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven
2  You Tell Me   
3  Just About Time         
4  Port Of Lonely Hearts

1  Big River         
2  There You Go               
3  Country Boy  
4  Down The Street To 301          
5  Belshazah      
1  Home Of The Blues    
2  Thanks A Lot
3  Next In Line  
4  Give My Love To Rose


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