A Little Good News / Anne Murray (MC-JW)

產品編號: PC80251
特價: HK$60.00

MC-JW McClear JW master

Anne Murray 上榜大碟榜首名曲 A Little Good News,MC-JW 靚盤

A Little Good News
How Can I Unlove You
That's Not The Way (It's S'Posed To Be)


演奏家: Anne Murray
品牌: Capitol
原廠編號: ST-12301 (ST12301)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-

That's Not The Way (It's S'Posed To Be)
I'm Not Afraid Anymore
A Little Good News
The More We Try
Come On Love

Come To Me
Sentimental Favorite
Just Another Woman In Love
When I Can't Have You
Heart Stealer


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