Captain Blood / Charles Gerhardt (Promo/KEW/KH)

產品編號: NJ80022
特價: HK$385.00

Promo 電台版 / KEW K.E. Wilkinson 錄音 / KH Kingsway Hall

電台版 KE Wilkinson/Gerhardt 電影音樂糸列天碟演譯 Captain Blood 等


演奏家: Charles Gerhardt/ National PO
品牌: RCA
原廠編號: ARL1-0912 (ARL10912)
唱片質素: SEALED
唱片封套: SEALED



The Adventures Of Don Juan (Suite) –Max Steiner

1.1  The King     

1.2  Don Juan    

1.3  The Brocade              

1.4  Don Juan's Serenade             

1.5  Parade Into London               

1.6  Don Juan And The Queen    

1.7  Final Scene


The Sea Hawk (Suite) –Erich Wolfgang Korngold

2.1  The Albatross           

2.2  The Throne Room Of Elizabeth I       

2.3  Entrance Of The Sea Hawks

2.4  The Orchid

2.5  Panama March        

2.6  The Duel     

2.7  Strike For The Shores Of Dover


3 Captain Blood: Ship In The Night –Erich Wolfgang Korngold


They Died With Their Boots On (Suite) –Max Steiner

4.1  Morning     

4.2  The Farewell Before The Battle         

4.3  Preparation And March        

4.4  The 7th Cavalry        

4.5  Garry Owen              

4.6  The Sioux   

4.7  The Battle Of Little Big Horn               

4.8  Custer's Last Stand

Dodge City (Suite) –Max Steiner

1.1  Warner Bros. Fanfare And Main Title    

1.2  The Open Prairie     

1.3  The Iron Horse         

1.4  Surrett        

1.5  The Comrades          

1.6  The Covered Wagon              

1.7  Grazioso     

1.8  Abbie And The Children       

1.9  Wade And Abbie     

1.10  The Blarney            

1.11  Abbie's Theme


2  Objective, Burma!: Parachute Drop –Franz Waxman

The Sun Also Rises (Suite) –Hugo Friedhofer

3.1  Prologue (Solennelle)           

3.2  The Lights Of Paris  


The Adventures Of Robin Hood (Suite) –Erich Wolfgang Korngold

4.1  The Archery Tournament    

4.2  Escape From The Gallows    

4.3  Robin And Lady Marian        

4.4  Coronation Procession


Sunset Boulevard / Charles Gerhardt (PG3*/KEW)
企鵝三星帶花上榜 Gerhardt/Wilkinson 演譯包括 Sunset Boulevard "日落大道"等電影名曲... (詳盡資訊)

PG3* 企鵝三星帶花 / KEW Wilkinson/Kingsway Hall 錄音
SR80213 ǀ HK$280.00

Now Voyager / Gerhardt (TAS/Promo/KEW/KH)
KEW/KH 錄音 Gerhardt TAS 上榜電台版電影音樂糸列天碟演譯 Now Voyager 等名曲... (詳盡資訊)

TAS The Absolute Sound / Promo 電台版 / KEW KE Wilkinson 錄音 / KH Kingsway Hall 錄音
NZ81068 ǀ HK$385.00

Classic Music From Classic Films / Gibson/Lebowitz... (KEW)
KE Williason 錄音 Gibson/Leibowitz 等演譯 Ride of the Valkyries 等古典名曲 ... (詳盡資訊)

KEW KE Wilkinson 錄音
CQ80032 ǀ HK$50.00 (清貨)

The Empire Strikes Back / Gerhardt (DR/VV/發燒音響)
發燒音響推薦 Gerhardt 經典電影系列發燒數位處女膠靚版帝國反擊戰 ... (詳盡資訊)

DR Soundstream 數位錄音 / VV 處女膠 / 發燒音響 / Walthamstow Town Hall
SC80027 ǀ HK$350.00

Great Music’s Greatest Hits / Wild/Horenstein/Leibowitz… (TAS/KEW/8LP)
讀者文摘古典錄音精選包括 Wilkinson 錄音 TAS 上榜 Wild/Horenstein 的拉赫曼尼諾夫第二鋼琴協奏曲等... (詳盡資訊)

TAS The Absolute Sound / KEW KE Wilkinson 錄音 / 八唱片合裝
CZ83764 ǀ HK$630.00

James Galway Greatest Hits
Charles Gerhardt/KE Wilkinson 合作 James Galway 精選 ... (詳盡資訊)

Charles Gerhardt/KE Wilkinson
CR80126 ǀ HK$100.00

Elizabeth And Esser / Gerhardt (KEW)
KE Wilkinson/Gerhardt 經典電影糸列天碟演譯包括 Deception 電影的 Cello Concerto 等... (詳盡資訊)

KEW KE Wilkinson 錄音
SR80095 ǀ HK$175.00

Gone with the Wind / Gerhardt (TAS/發燒音響/KEW)
TAS 上榜 KE Wilkinson/Gerhardt 經典電影糸列天碟亂世佳人... (詳盡資訊)

TAS The Absolute Sound / KEW KE Wilkinson / 發燒音響
NZ80423 ǀ HK$680.00