All This And World War II / Bee Gees/Bryan Ferry/Peter Gabriel… (2LP)

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Bee Gees/Bryan Ferry/Peter Gabriel 等演唱 Beatles 名曲雙唱片

Bee Gees – Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
Elton John – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Bryan Ferry – She's Leaving Home
Tina Turner – Come Together


作曲家: Beatles, The
演奏家: Bee Gees/Bryan Ferry/Peter Gabriel…
品牌: WB
原廠編號: 2U-4739 (2U4739)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-

1  Ambrosia –  Magical Mystery Tour
2 Elton John – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
3  Bee Gees –  Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
4  Leo Sayer – I Am The Walrus
5  Bryan Ferry – She's Leaving Home
6  Roy Wood – Lovely Rita
7  Keith Moon – When I'm Sixty-Four

1  Rod Stewart – Get Back
2  Leo Sayer – Let It Be
3  David Essex – Yesterday
4  Jeff Lynne – With A Little Help From My Friends / Nowhere Man
5  Lynsey De Paul – Because
Bee Gees – She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
7  Richard Cocciante – Michelle


1  The Four Seasons – We Can Work It Out
2  Helen Reddy – The Fool On The Hill
3  Frankie Laine – Maxwell's Silver Hammer
4  Brothers Johnson – Hey Jude
5  Roy Wood – Polythene Pam
6  Bee Gees – Sun King
7  Status Quo – Getting Better

1  Leo Sayer – The Long And Winding Road
2  Henry Gross – Help
3  Peter Gabriel – Strawberry Fields Forever
4  Frankie Valli – A Day In The Life
5 Tina Turner – Come Together
6  Wil Malone & Lou Reizner – You Never Give Me Your Money
7  London SO – The End


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