Baptism / Joan Baez

產品編號: PZ84103
特價: HK$115.00

Joan Baez 加入管弦樂伴奏靚盤, Vanguard 原版


演奏家: Joan Baez
品牌: Vanguard
原廠編號: VSD79275 (VSD-79275)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-

1.  Old Welsh Song
2.  I Saw The Vision Of Armies
3.  Minister Of War
4.  Song In The Blood
5.  Casida Of The Lament
6.  Of The Dark Past
7.  London
8.  In Guernica
9.  Who Murdered The Minutes
10,  Oh, Little Child
11.  No Man Is An Iland

1.  From Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man
2.  All The Pretty Little Horses
3.  Childhood III
4.  The Magic Wood
5.  Poems From The Japanese
6.  Colours
7.  All In Green Went My Love Riding
8.  Gacela Of The Dark Death
9.  The Parable Of The Old Man And The Young
10.  Evil
11.  Epitaph For A Poet
12.  Old Welsh Song


The Best of Joan Baez
Joan Baez 早年精選包括 John Henry 等名曲... (詳盡資訊)

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Joan Baez Hits / Greatest & Others
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Love Song Album / Joan Baez (ED1/2LP)
Vangaurd ED1 原版 Joan Baez 罕有 Plaisir D'Amour 等情歌雙唱片集... (詳盡資訊)

ED1 1A1G1A1A 第一版位 / 雙唱片
SZ90491 ǀ HK$245

The Contemporary Ballad Book / Joan Baez (ED1/2LP)
Joan Baez ED1 靚版包括 Donna Donna 等精選靚歌雙唱片集... (詳盡資訊)

ED1 1A1A1A1A 第一版位 / 雙唱片
PZ84944 ǀ HK$225.00

Recently / Joan Baez
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David's Album / Joan Baez
Joan Baez 上榜大碟靚歌 Green, Green Grass Of Home 等... (詳盡資訊)

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Bread & Roses / Dave Van Ronk/Pete Seeger/Joan Baez… (KD-JG/2LP)
Bread and Roses 民歌精英包括 Joan Baez, Pete Seeger 等現場錄音雙唱片, KD-JG 唱片... (詳盡資訊)

KD-JG Kendun John Golden Master / 雙唱片
PZ85560 ǀ HK$125.00 (清貨)

Live Europe 83 / Joan Baez (SNB)
Joan Baez 歐洲現場錄音包括 No Woman No Cry 等, SNB 靚版... (詳盡資訊)

SNB Sabin Nelson Brunet master
SZ90489 ǀ HK$210