Monkees / The Monkees (BD)

產品編號: PR80054
特價: HK$60.00 $140.00 (清貨)

BD 黑狗初版

The Monkees 黑狗靚版榜首大碟靚歌 Last Train To Clarksville


演奏家: Monkees
品牌: RCA
原廠編號: COS101 (COS-101)
唱片質素: NM-- *Side 2 Track 3, 4, 5, 有小花痕
唱片封套: NM--

1  The Monkees
2  Saturday's Child
3  I Wanna Be Free
4  Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
5  Papa Gene's Blues
6  Take A Giant Step

1  Last Train To Clarksville
2  This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day
3  Let's Dance On
4  I'll Be True To You
5  Sweet Young Thing
6  Gonna Buy Me A Dog


Solid Gold Programming / Monkees/Drifters/Stone Poneys… (WLP)
電台宣傳首版包括 Monkees, Drifters, Stone Poneys 等上榜精選... (詳盡資訊)

WLP 電台首版
SZ85290 ǀ HK$315.00

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NP80113 ǀ HK$385.00

Monkees / The Monkees (BD)
The Monkees 黑狗靚版榜首大碟靚歌 Last Train To Clarksville ... (詳盡資訊)

BD 黑狗初版
PR80054 ǀ HK$60.00 (清貨)

The Monkees 榜首大碟 Headquater, 9s6s 凹溝靚版 ... (詳盡資訊)

9s6s / 凹溝
SZ80082 ǀ HK$175.00

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G 凹溝首版
SZ83165 ǀ HK$210.00

Grammy Awards Archive Collection / Record Of The Year (VV/4LP)
處女膠靚版格林美得獎名曲包括 The Monkees, The Byrds, Fleetwood Mac 等名曲四唱片... (詳盡資訊)

VV 處女膠 / 四唱片合裝
NZ81194 ǀ HK$765.00

Headquarters / The Monkees
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NZ83551A ǀ HK$470.00

The Monkees / The Monkees
Monkees 首張大碟榜首名曲 Last Train to Clarksville... (詳盡資訊)

NZ83559A ǀ HK$470.00