Concert in the Park / Rabin, Wild, Srokowski, Previn... (8LP)

產品編號: NR80072
特價: HK$1020.00


一套八張唱片集合 Rabin, Wild, Stokowski, Previn, Horenstein, Fistoulari 等大師名演


演奏家: Rabin, Wild, Stokowski, Previn, Horenstein, Fistoulari...
品牌: Reader's Digest
原廠編號: RBA-137/A (RBA137/A)
唱片質素: SEALED
唱片封套: SEALED
曲目第1/2: 曲目第3/4:

LP1 (All Star Gala Concert):
Belle of the Ball – Fiedler/Boston PO
Victor Herbert Medley – Kostelanetz/London SO
Hoedown from Rodeo - Gould & Orch
Pops on Boardway – John Williams/Boston PO
Gaite Parisienne Overture – Fistoulari/Royal PO
Viene, City of my Dream – Hammerstein/London PO
Summertime –Price/Henderson/RCA Victor Orch
Rhapsody in Blue- Previn/London SO
Knightsbridge March from London Suite – Walker/Royal PO

LP2 (Piano in the Park):
Spellbound CTO - Earl Wild/Rabinowitz/RCA Victor Orch
Romance – Gamley/Hammerstein/London Promenade Orch
Tchaikovsky piano cto 1 – Votapek/Fiedler/Boston PO
Grieg Piano CTO 1 - Votapek/Fiedler/Boston PO
Rachmaninoff Paino CTO 2 - Votapek/Fiedler/Boston PO
Warsaw CTO – Litwin/ Fiedler/Boston PO

LP3 (Promenade Potpourri):
Die Fledermaus Overture – Horenstein/Vieena State Opera Orch
Clair de Lune -  Ormandy/Philadelphia Orch
Parlami d’Amore Mariu – Olivieri/Giuseppe de Stefano Orch
Liebestraum – Pennario/Dragon/Hollywood Bowl SO
The Skaters Waltz - Fiedler/Boston Pops
The Syncopated Clock - Fiedler/Boston Pops
Jamaican Rumba - Fiedler/Boston Pops
Annie’s Song – Galway/Gerhardt/National PO
Theme from Chariots of Fire - John Williams/Boston PO

LP4 (Moonlight Moods):
If I Could Tell You – Sharples/London Festival Orch
Vocalise - Galway/Gerhardt/National PO
Dream of Olwen - Litwin/ Fiedler/Boston Pops
Stella by Starlight – Messiter/Mace/National PO
Evening Prayer from Hansel & Gretel – Stokowski/New SO of London
CTO de Aranjuez – Bream/Gardner/Monteverdi Orch
Love Duet from Madame Butterfly – Price/Domingo/Santi/New Philharmonic Orch

曲目第5/6: 曲目第7/8:

LP5 (American on Parade):
Stars & Stripes Forever - Gould & Orch
Give My Regards to Boardway - Fiedler/Boston PO
Bugler’s Holiday - Fiedler/Boston PO
Battle Hymn of the Republic – The Robert Shaw Chorale
Seventy-Six Trombones - John Williams/Boston PO
She’ll be Comin’ Around the Mountain – Black/London FO
Shenandoah - Fiedler/Boston PO
St Louis Blues March - Fiedler/Boston PO
Washington Post March - Gould & Orch

LP6 (Opera Under the Stars):
Largo al Factotum - Leinsdorf/Metropolitan Opera Orch
Un Bel Di – Price/Leinsdorf/RCA Italiana Opera Orch
La Donna e Mobile – Domingo/Santi/London SO
Musetta Waltz - Fiedler/Boston PO
My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice – Horne/Lewis/The Vienna Opera Orch
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life – Sills/Kostelanetz/London SO
Drinking Song – The Robert Shaw Chorale
There But For You Go I – Merrill/Green/RCA Victor SO
Vilia – Moffo/Engel & Orch
My Hero – Moffo/Rene & Orch
The Riff Song – Fredericks/Engel & Orch

LP 7 (Holiday in the Park):
Fast Track Polka - Hammerstein/London Promenade Orch
Holiday for Strings - Fiedler/Boston PO
Torna a Surriento! – Corelli/Ferraris & Orch
Fantasia on Greensleeves – Boult/London SO
The Blue Danube Waltz - Ormandy/Philadelphia Orch
Serenata - Fiedler/Boston PO
O Sole Mio - Corelli/Ferraris & Orch
Hora Staccato – Micheal Rabin/Slatkin/Hollywood Bowl Orch
Bolero – Mehta/Los Angeles PO

LP8 (Fireworks!):
The William Tell Overture – Fiedler/Boston PO
Finlandia – Ormandy/Philadelphia Orch
Dance of the Comedians – Gamley/National PO
Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin – Mehta/The Vienna PO


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