The New Spirit Of Capitol / Pink Floyd/Linda Ronstadt…

產品編號: SZ88411
特價: HK$175.00

Capitol 流行曲精選包括 Pink Floyd/Linda Ronstadt 等上榜名曲

Steve Miller Band - Little Girl
Linda Ronstadt - Silver Threads And Golden Needles
Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine


演奏家: Pink Floyd/Linda Ronstadt…
品牌: Capitol
原廠編號: SNP-6 (SNP6)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-
曲目 第一面:曲目 第二面:

1  Steve Miller Band - Little Girl
2  Hedge & Donna - Jamie           
3  Joe South - Games People Play
4  Linda Ronstadt - Silver Threads And Golden Needles
5  John Stewart - July, You're A Woman
6  David Axelrod - A Little Girl Lost           
7  The Edgar Broughton Band - Boy Soldier

1  Grand Funk Railroad - Please Don't Worry       
2  The Sons - It's Time    
3  Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine           
4  Guitar Jr. - Broke An' Hungry
5  Bob Seger System - Innervenus Eyes
6  Mississippi Fred McDowell - Red Cross Store


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