Liza Minnelli at Carnegie Hall / Liza Minnelli(DR/DMM/2LP)

產品編號: ST80100
特價: HK$350.00

DR Soundstream 數位錄音 / DMM Direct Metal Mastering / 雙唱片

Liza Minnelli 數位發燒 DMM 靚版現場雙唱片, 最靚聲的 New York, New York

Here I'll Stay / Our Love Is Here To Stay
How Deep Is The Ocean
Somewhere Out There
Liza With A "Z"
Theme From "New York, New York"


演奏家: Liza Minnelli
品牌: Telarc
原廠編號: DG15502 (DG-15502)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-

1  I Happen To Like New York
2  Here I'll Stay / Our Love Is Here To Stay
3  Old Friends
4  I Never Has Seen Snow
5  If You Hadn't, But You Did

1  I Don't Want To Know
2  Some People
3  How Deep Is The Ocean
4  I Can See Clearly Now / I Can See It
5  You Better Sit Down, Kids / Married
6  Ring Them Bells


1  The Sweetest Sounds
2  Toot Toot Tootsie
3  Buckle Down Winsocki
4  Alexander's Ragtime Band
5  Somewhere Out There
6  Lonely Feet
7  You Can Have Him / Time Heals Everything

1  Liza With A "Z"
2  All I Need Is One Good Break
3  Sing Happy
4  A Quiet Thing
5  Mein Herr
6  Money, Money
7  Maybe This Time
8  I'm One Of The Smart Ones
9  Yes
10  City Lights
11  But The World Goes 'Round
12  Cabaret
13  Theme From "New York, New York"


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