City of New Orleans / Willie Nelson (DY-PL)

產品編號: PZ82378
特價: HK$85.00

DY-PL Denny Purcell master

Willie Nelson 榜首大碟靚歌 She s Out Of My Life, DY-PL 靚歌

City Of New Orleans
She s Out Of My Life
Until It s Time For You To Go


演奏家: Willie Nelson
品牌: Columbia
原廠編號: FC39145 (FC-39145)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM
曲目 1:曲目 2:

1 City Of New Orleans
2 Just Out Of Reach
3 Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
4 Why Are You Pickin' On Me
5 She's Out Of My Life

1 Cry     
2 Please Come To Boston            
3 It Turns Me Inside Out              
4 Wind Beneath My Wings          
5 Until It's Time For You To Go


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