Lush Life / Linda Ronstadt/Nelson Riddle

產品編號: NZ82433
特價: HK$425.00

Linda Ronstadt 與 Nelson Riddle 合作 When I fall in love

When I fall in love
Sophisticated Lad
Lush life


演奏家: Ronstadt/Nelson Riddle
品牌: Asylum
原廠編號: 60387
唱片質素: SEALED
唱片封套: SEALED
曲目Side 1:曲目Side 2:

1 When I Fall In Love
2  Skylark
3  It Never Entered My Mind
4  Mean To Me
5  When Your Lover Has Gone
6  I'm A Fool To Want You

1  You Took Advantage Of Me
2  Sophisticated Lady
3  Can't We Be Friends
4  My Old Flame
5  Falling In Love Again
6  Lush Life


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