Grammy Awards Archive Collection / Album Of The Year (VV/4LP)

產品編號: NZ81193
特價: HK$935.00

VV 處女膠 / 四唱片合裝

處女膠靚版格林美得獎名曲包括 Stan Getz, Nat King Cole, Harry Belafonte 等名曲四唱片

Nat King Cole – It’s A Beautiful Evening
Stan Getz – Desafinado
Harry Belafonte – Matilda
James Taylor – Oh! Susana
Blood, Sweat And Tears – And When I Die
Jackson Browne – Running On Empty
Linda Ronstadt – You’re So Good
Fleetwood Mac – Second Hand News


演奏家: Stan Getz, Nat King Cole, Harry Belafonte…
品牌: Franklin Mint
原廠編號: GRAM14 (GRAM-14)
唱片質素: Sealed
唱片封套: Sealed
曲目LP 1 : 曲目LP 2 :

Side 1:
Andy Williams:
1  Can’t Get Use To Losing You
2  Days Of Wine And Roses
Tony Bennett:
3  Tender Is The Night
4  Oncxe Upon A Time
Barry Manilow:
5  Somewhere In The Night
6 Even Now
7  Where Do I Go From Here?

Side 2:
Henry Mancini:
1  Peter Gunn
2  Soft Sounds
Nat King Cole:
3 Who Is Love
4  It’s A Beautiful Evening
Stan Getz:
5 Corcovado
6  Desafinado

Side 3:
Fifth Dimension:
1  Wedding Bell Blues
2  Workin’ On A Groovy Thing
Glenn Campbell:
3  Hey Little One
4  Tomorrow Never Comes
Harry Nilsson:
5  Jump Into The Fire
6  Early In The Morning
Janis Ian:
7  When The Party’s Over

Side 4:
Harry Belafonte:
1  Day O
2  Matilda
James Taylor:
3  Country Road
4 Oh! Susana
5  Sweet Baby James

曲目LP 3 : 曲目LP 4 :

Side 5:
Blood, Sweat And Tears:
1  Smiling Phases
2  And When I Die
Peter Frampton:
3  Do You Feel Like We Do

Side 6:
Jackson Browne:
1  Running On Empty
2  You Love The Thunder
3  Love Needs A Heart
Linda Ronstadt:
4  Faithless Love
5  It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
6  You’re So Good

Side 7:
Quincy Jones:
1  Ai No Corrida
2  Dude
Donald Fagen:
3  New Frontier
4  I.G.Y.

Side 8:
1  Gone Hollywood
2  Breakfast In America
Fleetwood Mac:
3  Second Hand News
4  I Don’t Want To Know
5  The Chain


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