Gilbert & Sullivan The Mikado / D'Oyly Carte Opera Company (BB/2LP)

產品編號: NL80040
特價: HK$600.00

BB 藍黑底首版 / 雙唱片

D'Oyly Carte Opera Co 藍黑底首版演譯 Gilbert & Sullivan 的 Mikado 雙唱片


作曲家: Gilbert & Sullivan
演奏家: D'Oyly Carte Opera Company/Isidore Godfrey/The New Sym SO
品牌: Decca/London
原廠編號: OSA-1201 (OSA1201)
唱片質素: SEALED
唱片封套: SEALED
曲目LP 1 - 2:
The Mikado:
Act I (Pt. 1): Overture; If You Want To Know Who We Are; A Wandering Minstrel I; Our Great Mikado, Virtuous Man; Young Man, Despair; And Have I Journeyed For A Month; Behold The Lord High Executioner!; Taken From The Country Jail; As Some Day It May Happen

Act I (Concl.): Comes A Train Of Little Ladies; Three Little Maids From School Are We; So Please You, Sir; Were You Not To Ko-Ko Plighted; I Am So Proud; With Aspect Stern; Your Revels Cease!

Act II (Pt. 1): Braid The Raven Hair; Sit With Downcast Eye; The Sun, Whose Rays; Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day; Here's A How-de-do!; Miya Same, Miya Same; A More Humane Mikado

Act II (Concl.): The Criminal Cried; See How The Fates; The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring; Alone, And Yet Alive!; On A Tree By A River A Little Tom-Tit; There Is Beauty In The Bellow Of The Blast; For He's Gone And Married Yum-Yum


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