On The Good Ship Lollipop / Shirley Temple (2LP)

產品編號: NC80050
特價: HK$340.00


Shirley Temple 莎莉·譚寶演唱 On The Good Ship Lollipop 等精選雙唱片


演奏家: Shirley Temple
品牌: Columbia
原廠編號: P2-15069 (P215069)
唱片質素: Sealed
唱片封套: Sealed
曲目 LP1: 曲目 LP2:

A1  On The Good Ship Lollipop

A2  Polly-Wolly Doodle

A3  Early Bird

A4  Animal Crackers In My Soup

A5  I Love To Walk In The Rain

A6  But Definitely

A7  Goodnight, My Love


B1  He Was A Dandy

B2  Hey! What Did The Bluejay Say          

B3  If All The World Were Paper

B4  Swing Me An Old Fashioned Song

B5  Come And Get Your Happiness

B6  We Should Be Together        


B7  Picture Me Without You

C1  Baby, Take A Bow

C2  When I'm With You

C3  Oh, My Goodness

C4  At The Codfish Ball

C5  This Is A Happy Little Ditty

C6  How Can I Thank You

C7  When I Grow Up


D1  Tra-La-La-La

D2  Be Optimistic

D3  The Right Someone To Love

D4  On Account-a I Love You

D5  You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby


D6  Lay-de-o


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