Be My Love / Mario Lanza (6LP)‎

產品編號: CZ83761
特價: HK$330.00


Mario Lanza 馬里歐.蘭莎演唱 O Sole Mio 等精選名曲六唱片

Be My Love
With A Song In My Heart
Come Dance With Me
O Sole Mio
Santa Lucia
The Desert Song
La Donna E Mobile


演奏家: Mario Lanza
品牌: Reader's Digest 讀者文摘 (RCA)
原廠編號: RDA-73-A (RDA73A)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-
曲目LP 1 :曲目LP 2 :

1  Be My Love   
2  The Loveliest Night Of The Year           
3  Granada         
4  I'm Falling In Love With Someone        
5  Cosi Cosa        
6  Without A Song           
1  Begin The Beguine     
2  Marcheta       
3  With A Song In My Heart         
4  Bolero             
5  Sylvia               
6  Lady Of Spain               

1  They Didn't Believe Me            
2  Arrivederci Roma        
3  Come Prima  
4  Core Ngrato  
5  Come Dance With Me              
6  M'Appari        
1  O Sole Mio     
2  Funiculi Funicula          
3  Guaglione      
4  Santa Lucia    
5  Serenade       
6  Marechiare   


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Be My Love / Mario Lanza (6LP)‎
Mario Lanza 馬里歐.蘭莎演唱 O Sole Mio 等精選名曲六唱片... (詳盡資訊)

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