The Nat King Cole Songbook / The Dean Franconi Strings

產品編號: NZ81122
特價: HK$130.00

The Dean Franconi Strings 弦樂演奏 Nat King Cole 名曲

Love Letters
Mona Lisa
Moon Love


演奏家: Dean Franconi Strings, The
品牌: Pickwick
原廠編號: DLP278
唱片質素: SEALED
唱片封套: SEALED

1  When I Take My Sugar To Tea               
2  Love Letters  
3  Mona Lisa      
4  Tell Me All About Yourself      
5  Twilight On The Trail

1  As Far As I'm Concerned          
2  To Each His Own          
3  I Remember You         
4  Moon Love    
5  Back In My Arms


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