Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra (HS/VV/2LP)

產品編號: JT80011
特價: HK$165.00

HS 半速刻盤 / VV 處女膠 / 雙唱片

Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra 發燒半速制作雙唱片


演奏家: Tommy Dorsey
品牌: Time Life (HS) *RCA
原廠編號: STBB 02 (2LP) (LP/黑膠唱片)
唱片質素: NM
唱片封套: NM
曲目SIDE 1:曲目SIDE 2:

I'm Getting Sentimental over You

Head over Heels in Love


Too Romantic

Yes, Indeed!

Song of India

The Dipsy Doodle

Robins and Roses

Stop, Look and Listen

I'll be Seeing You

曲目SIDE 3:曲目SIDE 4:

Indian Love Call


At Sundown

Gloomy Sunday

The Man from Mars


Star Dust

Adios, Mariquita Linda


El Rancho Grande



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