Percussion in the sky / Werner Muller (P4)

產品編號: JD80069
特價: HK$80.00

P4 Phase 4

Werner Muller Phase 4 靚錄音打擊樂


演奏家: Werner Muller & Orch.
品牌: Decca/ London (P4)
原廠編號: SP44008 (SP-44008) (GF)
唱片質素: NM-
唱片封套: NM-

1.  You Are My Lucky Star
2.  The High And The Mighty
3.  Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
4.  I Got The Sun In The Morning
5.  Blue Moon
6.  Look For A Star

1.  Moonlight Becomes You
2.  Over The Rainbow
3.  I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
4.  The Moon Was Yellow
5.  Stairway To The Stars
6.  When You Wish Upon A Star


Werner Müller Plays Leroy Anderson (P4/G)
Werner Müller Phase 4 凹溝靚版演奏 Leroy Anderson 的 Blue Tango 等名曲... (詳盡資訊)

P4 Phase 4 / G 凹溝
JZ81317 ǀ HK$90.00

International Film Festival / Werner Muller & His Orch. (GW)
Werner Muller 金標首版演譯 La Dolce Vita 等電影名曲... (詳盡資訊)

GW 金標首版
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Decade of the '50s / Sam Cooke/Harry Belafonte/Perez Prado… (2LP)
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Martnu Cellowerke 2 / Philippe Muller/Ralf Gothoni
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Percussion in the sky / Werner Muller (P4)
Werner Muller Phase 4 靚錄音打擊樂 ... (詳盡資訊)

P4 Phase 4
JD80069 ǀ HK$80.00

Vienna / Muller (P4)
Muller 維也納圓舞曲精選,Phase 4 靚錄音 ... (詳盡資訊)

CL80273 ǀ HK$80.00

Mystic Portrait of the Moody Blues (P4/Promo)
Werner Muller演譯Moody Blue上榜名曲,罕有電台版 ... (詳盡資訊)

Promo Record
JL80019 ǀ HK$115.00

Sumptuous Strings of the Werner Muller Orch. (P4)
P4台柱Werner Muller靚聲弦樂 ... (詳盡資訊)

SL80118 ǀ HK$155.00